Gluten Free Travel in Spain

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Travel Gluten Free in Spain

GF Spain 1When thinking about traveling to Spain gluten free and allergy free, I immediately smile as I fondly remember exploring the food and culture across this country numerous times.

I found many safe and delicious restaurant dishes both in restaurants offering gluten free menus recommended by FACE – Federación de Asociaciones de Celíacos de España as well as in ethnic restaurants using my iEatOut Apple app and gluten free dining cards.

GF Spain 2In addition, I discovered ‘jamon Iberico’ which is very delicious cured ham from the Iberian Peninsula and highly recommended! Also, if you want to try authentic gazpacho, some recipes call for wheat flour while other ones do not so be sure to double check the ingredients to make sure it is safe for you to eat!

GF Spain 3Also, much to my comfort, I found the incredible grocery store chain or “supermercado – El Corte Ingles” in Madrid that had multiple aisles of gluten free and allergy friendly food products. In addition, I was surprised to even discover delicious gluten free and dairy free croissants, bread and rolls from ProCeli in Barcelona!

I hope the following tips help to ensure your safe gluten free and allergy free travel throughout Spain and remember to have a glass of tasty Rioja wine for me too!

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Gluten Free Beer Around the World

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I am thrilled with the growing number of gluten free beer options that are currently available around the world. Especially considering since I had the very “tough” job of being the North American representative for the world’s first gluten-free beer festival in Chesterfield, UK a few years ago! It’s great to see the wide range of gluten free beer available that now includes lagers, pils, pale ales, blond ales and amber ales from Australia, Canada, Europe and the U.S.

Taste testing the local gluten free beer during my travels is one of my top priorities – in addition to checking out the local gluten free / dairy free bakeries, food products and restaurants of course!

For more details about the specific ingredients and brewing process, visit the respective brewery websites. Here’s to enjoying gluten free beer with your friends and family while at home and during your travels anywhere across the globe! Read more

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Gluten Free Travel in France

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Travel Gluten Free in France

Eiffel TowerDreaming about gluten free Paris, the French Riviera, Provence or anywhere else in France? Want to visit for business or pleasure yet concerned about how to safely eat gluten and wheat free?

After living in France for over 1.5 years, here’s your one stop solution and expert advice checklist on how to navigate your way through France while maintaining your gluten free diet!

Hope you love French food, culture, language and the people as much as I do! Read more

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How to Pack for Gluten Free & Food Allergy Travel

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Airline - Girl at AirportPacking for trips when traveling gluten free due to celiac disease as well as with food allergies is continually discussed when I’m guest speaking at conferences. From my perspective, maintaining a 100% gluten free and dairy free diet for over 12 years has definitely changed the way that I pack for business trips and vacation.

First, I always make sure to pack what I call my “home comfort kit” which includes my medications, supplements, herbs and other health remedies that I take in case of an adverse food reaction. Read more

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Gluten Free and Allergy Free Restaurants in Switzerland

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SwitzerlandI have traveled around Switzerland many, many times and even worked in Geneva for 6 weeks. Each time I am fascinated with the scenery, views and people. I would like to share some recommendations with you to help make your gluten free and food allergy travels easier when enjoying this beautiful country including language travel cards, food products, restaurants and hotels. Read more

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