Gluten Free and Allergy Free Restaurants in Switzerland

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SwitzerlandI have traveled around Switzerland many, many times and even worked in Geneva for 6 weeks. Each time I am fascinated with the scenery, views and people. I would like to share some recommendations with you to help make your gluten free and food allergy travels easier when enjoying this beautiful country including language travel cards, food products, restaurants and hotels. Read more

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Top 10 Picks from Chicago Gluten and Allergy Free Expo

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GFAF ExpoI love to discover delicious tasting gluten free and allergy friendly foods at the various expos where I’ve been a guest speaker throughout the US and around the world. I also think it’s great to see the surprised look on the faces of my family and friends when they taste these products and then find out that they are not made with gluten, dairy, soy and other allergens!

Yes we have come a long, long way since the early days when bread weighed almost as much as a brick! So, after checking out the 200-plus vendors at the Chicago GF AF Expo, here are my top 10 picks from the show: Read more

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Gluten Free Puerto Rico

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After hearing about Kayla K ’s recent gluten free travel to Puerto Rico, I asked her to be a guest writer for our Gluten Free Blog and share her gluten free finds and adventures in and around San Juan:

In Kayla’s words: Being diagnosed with celiac disease within the past 8 months, my parents and I were a little nervous about our spring break trip to Puerto Rico.  We had no idea what to expect for food. In fact, my mom thought I was going to have to live off of fruits the entire vacation. Not only was she wrong, but there were even a wider variety of gluten free foods for me to eat! Read more

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Top 10 Tips for Safe Gluten Free and Allergy Free Travel

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On a global basis, it is estimated that 300-plus million individuals worldwide are now managing special dietary needs. According to global market research sponsored by GlutenFree Passport, over 85% of gluten free and allergy free individuals have two primary concerns when traveling:

1. Safely eating out in restaurants
2. Availability of gluten / allergy free snacks and meals

Approximately 50% of travelers are also concerned about airlines, hotels and communication in foreign languages.

The following top 10 tips are designed to help you safely and confidently travel with food allergies, celiac disease and gluten free diets, whether it’s close to home or anywhere around the world, for business or pleasure! Read more

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Gluten Free, Vegan & Allergy Free at Chipotle

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When I’m guest speaking at industry conferences, I often get asked the question, “What is your favorite US fast food chain for gluten and allergy free meals?”.

My answer is Chipotle for a number of reasons from an allergen perspective:

  1. It is easy to navigate for a gluten free option – my favorite is the burrito bowl.
  2. The only ingredients that contain dairy are the cheese and sour cream.
  3. They do not use eggs, mustard, sesame, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts or any other kind of nuts in their food. Read more
by Kim Koeller in Explore & Eat, North America2 Comments
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