Gluten Free Alcohol

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In your gluten and allergen-free journeys, you may discover a broad spectrum of opinions on alcoholic beverages. Some sources advise you to stay away from alcohol, while others provide listings of products that may be gluten and allergen-free.

The distillation process removes all proteins from alcohol; thereby eliminating the substance in food that the body reacts to in an allergic response. The source of distilled alcohol in various types of beverages are noted for your reference in the following guide.

You need to consider whether colors or flavors are used in the production of the product. Colors and flavors may contain corn, dairy, eggs, gluten/wheat, peanuts, soy or tree nuts. In addition, some alcoholic beverages may be fortified with grain alcohol. Grain alcohol may be distilled from corn or wheat. Finally, some alcoholic beverages may contain malt which is derived from barley/gluten or corn.

The following charts reflect 10 categories of alcoholic beverages that you may consider ordering based upon the ingredients they are made from and their distillation process.