Gluten Free Beer Around the World

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Kim Koeller North American Representative at Beer FestivalI am thrilled with the growing number of gluten free beer options that are currently available around the world. Especially considering since I had the very “tough” job of being the North American representative for the world’s first gluten-free beer festival in Chesterfield, UK a few years ago!

It’s great to see the wide range of gluten free beer available that now includes lagers, pils, pale ales, blond ales and amber ales from Australia, Canada, Europe and the U.S. Taste testing the local gluten free beer during my travels is one of my top priorities – in addition to checking out the local gluten free / dairy free bakeries, food products and restaurants of course!

For more details about the specific ingredients and brewing process, visit the respective brewery websites. Here’s to enjoying gluten free beer with your friends and family while at home and during your travels anywhere across the globe!









United Kingdom

United States

Cheers to gluten free beer around the world!