Gluten Free and Allergy Free Food in Belgium: Sans Gluten et Allergenes

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BelgiumI have visited Belgium on numerous occasions for both work and pleasure and found the atmosphere charming. For those traveling to Belgium gluten free (sans gluten) and allergy free (sans allergenes), I would first recommend that you download our translation cards for the French and German Languages. These are available for gluten free, allergy free, dairy free and shellfish free lifestyles.

Dutch Gluten
Free Card
French Gluten
Free Card
German Gluten
Free Card
More Gluten Free
Cards & Kits

I never leave home without these! You could also bring a Flemish language dining card as well depending upon where your travels will take you.

Since Belgium has a lot of excellent ethnic restaurants, I always have these resources with me to help me order safe gluten and allergy meals. This helps me ask the right questions about ingredients and food preparation with the chef cards too.

Also here’s a list of gluten free restaurants in Belgium compliments of Cheese Web EU. In addition, you can enjoy a few gluten free beers in Belgium including: Brunehaut and Mongozo.

If you are looking for gluten and allergy free products in stores, there’s a number of chain supermarket that the Belgium Coeliac Society has recommended including Ad Delhaize, Carrefour MarketSpar and Traindevie.

Enjoy your travels throughout Belgium!

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