Gluten Free Amsterdam in Netherlands : Glutenvrij

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I have always loved Amsterdam and the Netherlands and have been there many times for both work and vacation. Also when I was living in France, one of my closest friends, Frederique, was from Amsterdam so it holds a special place in my heart.

From a gluten free ( or in Dutch glutenvrij) perspective, I still remember a few years ago when I was in a corporate cafeteria and they even had gluten free bread available!

Even though most people speak English in the Netherlands,  I would first recommend that you purchase the Dutch / English gluten free translation card from our travel store.

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amsterdam-canal-boat-architectureSince Amsterdam has a lot of ethnic restaurants, I would also recommend that you check out some of these resources as I have had excellent safe GF Italian and French meals there after asking the right questions about ingredients and food preparation.

As for specific restaurants, here’s a restaurant directory in Amsterdam as well as a link to the restaurants listed by the coeliac association in the Netherlands.

If you are looking to purchase any gluten free products or snacks in the Netherlands, here’s a few stores that you may want to check into: De Glutenvrije Winkel Amsterdam, Albert Heijn B.V.Le PooleNatuurwinkel B.V., DePureFood QoLpSuper de Boer and more shops.

Also don’t forget to order your GFML or gluten free meal from the airlines if you have a long haul flight that serves meals.

I hope you enjoy Amsterdam as much as I do and be sure to save time for a canal boat ride as well!

3 Responses to Gluten Free Amsterdam in Netherlands : Glutenvrij

  1. Barbara

    Hi Kim,

    I love your website! Thanks for all your handy tips.
    If you ever visiting Amsterdam again, maybe my blog can help you out:



  2. Hella ten Oever

    Hi Kim, I recently opened ‘De Glutenvrije Winkel’ (The Gluten Free Shop) in Amsterdam, Pretoriusstraat 37, 1092 EZ Amsterdam. I only sell gluten free products (more than 400 articles) and also have a lot of frozen food! Come and have a look! Kind regards, Hella

  3. Alexandra Noij

    Hi Kim,

    A lot of bagels & beans in Amsterdam serve gluten free bagels you can have for breakfast or lunch. I tasted it at the Bagels @Beans de Clercqstraat and I really liked the oathie bagel.

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