Gluten Free Desserts and Bakeries in Boston

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When visiting Boston as a guest speaker for the Healthy Villi Gluten Free Expo, my niece, who is a “cannoli connoisseur” without any food concerns, and I were on a quest to taste delicious Italian desserts in Boston’s North End.

After asking the locals about the best place for cannoli’s, we received multiple recommendations to go to Mike’s Pastry. So, we decided that she had to experience Mike’s before the end of our trip.

After waiting in a long but fast-moving line, my niece found herself in cannoli bliss with over 15 different flavors. Of course, since I’m gluten free and dairy free, I had to rely on my niece to do the taste testing. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! HA! She loved them and said that the il cannolo (in Italian) were some of the best she ever had!

Then, to find a tasty treat for myself, I checked the Find Me Gluten Free app for a place providing gluten free desserts in the North End. I came across a listing for Modern Pastry stating that they had gluten free items and it was right down the street from Mike’s. Unsure if they also had dairy free goodies, my niece and I decided to check it out.

When I saw another long line, I was about to forget my idea and tried to convince myself that I didn’t need any sweets. Then my niece discovered a small sign in the window stating that gluten free and diary free whoopie pies and muffins were available. Well, I was so shocked that I almost fell over on the sidewalk! At that point, it didn’t matter how long the line was, I was going to try my first gluten free and dairy free whoopie pie.

Once at the counter, I was impressed that Modern Pastry kept their gluten free and dairy free items in a separate case and in separate bags to avoid any cross contact. They even packaged them separately from other gluten-containing baked goods.

Bottom line – I thought I died and went to heaven when eating my totally decadent whoopee pie and almond muffin. Even though Modern Pastry does NOT currently identify any gluten free pastries on their website (“maybe sometime in the future these will be added”), I decided to share my discoveries because they were both so outstanding and incredibly delicious!

In any event, if you are gluten free and dairy free or you can eat any foods, I highly recommend that you treat yourself to some dessert the next time you find yourself in Boston’s North End!

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