Gluten Free Travel in Madrid and Spain – Sin Gluten

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GF Spain 1When thinking about traveling to Madrid, Barcelona and throughout Spain gluten free and allergy free, I immediately smile as I fondly remember exploring the food and culture across this country numerous times.

I found many safe and delicious restaurant dishes both in restaurants offering gluten free menus recommended by FACE – Federación de Asociaciones de Celíacos de España as well as in ethnic restaurants using my iEatOut Apple app and gluten free dining cards.

GF Spain 2In addition, I discovered ‘jamon Iberico’ which is very delicious cured ham from the Iberian Peninsula and highly recommended! Also, if you want to try authentic gazpacho, some recipes call for wheat flour while other ones do not so be sure to double check the ingredients to make sure it is safe for you to eat!

GF Spain 3Much to my comfort, I found the incredible grocery store chain or “supermercado – El Corte Ingles” in Madrid that had multiple aisles of gluten free and allergy friendly food products. In addition, I was surprised to even discover delicious gluten free and dairy free croissants, bread and rolls from ProCeli in Barcelona! Another great place that a reader suggested to visit is Mercadona supermarkets. A huge proportion of their products are gluten-free and labelled as such and can be found throughout Spain.

I hope the following tips help to ensure your safe gluten free and allergy free travel throughout Spain and remember to have a glass or two of tasty Rioja wine for me too!

Find Gluten Free Restaurants, Bakeries and Cooking Schools in Spain

GF SpainVisit these gluten friendly restaurants in Spain:

Discover gluten free bakeries in Spain for fresh delicious bakery goods including:

There are a wide variety of ethnic restaurants ranging from traditional Spanish cuisine to French, Italian, Thai and other cuisines so reference the iEatOut Apple app that works 100% offline with no roaming charges for gluten free and allergy free dishes. Find a listing of gluten free hotel chains in Spain from FACE. Also enjoy cooking classes at Atalua with Nuria, a professional chef to prepare traditional Catalan food, dairy and gluten free in the center of Barcelona

Research the following associations for more suggestions to travel gluten free in Spain:

Find Gluten Free Dishes and Food Products in Spain

The Spanish cuisine is very varied and rich, every city and village has their own typical dishes. The Celiacos Madrid organization compiled the following suggestions for a few typical Spanish tapas, dishes, deserts, and drinks that should not have gluten. Be sure to communicate your gluten free needs with your Spanish translation cards!


  • Pulpo a la gallega (Octopus boiled, sliced and dressed with oil and paprika. Served with cachelos, galician potatoes.)
  • Sepia a la plancha sin mayonesa (Grilled cuttlefish without mayonnaise)
  • Calamares a la plancha (Grilled squids)
  • Aceitunas, pepinillos y cebolletas (Olives, gherkins and spring onions)
  • Anchoas en aceite (Anchovies in oil)
  • Boquerones en vinagre (Anchovies marinated in vinegar)
  • Jamón serrano (Cured Ham)
  • Queso (Cheese)
  • Espetos de sardinas (Sardines grilled at the barbecue)


  • Cordero asado (Roasted lamb)
  • Cochinillo asado (Roasted suckling pig)
  • Mariscos cocidos o la plancha (Boiled or grilled shellfish)
  • Paella: Consultar que colorante han utilizado y si también se ha añadido sazonador (Paella: ask what food colouring has been used and if it has been seasoned with stock cubes)
  • Tortilla de patata (Spanish Omelette)
  • Guisantes con jamón serrano (Peas with cured ham)
  • Revuelto de huevos con champiñones, gambas, o espárragos trigueros (Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, prawns or asparagus)
  • Huevos rotos: huevos con jamón serrano y patatas (Eggs with cured ham and potatoes)
  • Marmitako: patatas, bonito, tomates, ajos, cebollas y pimientos (Potatoes with tuna, onions, peppers, tomatoes and garlics)
  • Escalivada (Roast of vegetables)
  • Pipirrana: ensalada de tomates, pimientos, cebollas, atún o bacalao (Salad of tomatoes, peppers, onions, tuna or cod)
  • Pisto manchego: tomates, cebolla, calabacín, ajo, aceite, sal y perejil (Vegetable Stew from La Mancha)
  • Papas a lo pobre: patatas con pimientos y cebolla (Potatoes with peppers and onions)
  • Bacalao al pilpil (Traditional Basque cod recipee)
  • Bacalao al Ajoarriero (Cod-fish with garlic and eggs)
  • Dorada o lubina a la sal (Gilt head fish or Sea Bass in Salt Crust)
  • Merluza a la gallega: merluza, patata y pimiento (Hake, potatoes and peppers)
  • Pescados y carnes a la plancha (Grilled fishes and meats)


  • Arroz con leche casero (Homemade Rice pudding: rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon)
  • Natillas caseras, no de sobre (Homemade Custard)
  • Flanes caseros, no de sobre (Homemade Cream caramel)
  • Tocino de cielo (Toffee caramel-rich custard)
  • Frutas en almíbar (Fruit in syrup)
  • Yemas
  • Cuajada fresca (A type of very firm yoghourt)
  • Helado en bloque o tarrina de nata y/o vainilla (Plain and/or vanilla ice cream)


  • Sangría: vino, gaseosa y fruta (Wine, lemonade and fruit)
  • Tinto de verano: vino y gaseosa (Wine and lemonade)
  • Calimocho (Wine and cola)
  • Sidra (Cider)
  • Vino (Wine)
  • Cava (Champagne)
  • Pacharán

Explore the El Corte Ingles Supermercado in Spain for gluten free and food allergy products. Also look for the quality gluten free product label from FACE

Communicate Your Gluten Free Needs in Spain

Barcelona 1First you need to know that “sin gluten” means “without gluten” in the Spanish language. Be sure to look for these two words in bakeries, grocery stores, on products and on restaurant menus!

The following Spanish and English translation dining cards, food and travel language phrases as well as the Gluten Free Spain Travel Kit all help you to communicate your gluten free dietary concerns while traveling gluten free in Spain.

Also find gluten freemilk allergy and food allergy translation cards in the Spanish language if you have additional food concerns.

Spain Gluten Free
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Gluten Free
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Spain Food Allergy
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Find More Tips for Safe Gluten Free and Allergy Free Travel

We look forward to hearing about your favorite adventures in Spain!

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