Gluten Free Travel in Paris and France – Sans Gluten

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gluten free paris franceDreaming about gluten free Paris, the French Riviera, Provence or anywhere else in France? Want to visit for business or pleasure yet concerned about how to safely eat gluten and wheat free? First, remember to look for the words “sans gluten” which means without gluten in French!

After living in France for over 1.5 years, here’s your one stop solution and expert advice checklist on how to navigate your way through France while maintaining your gluten free diet!

Find Gluten Free Restaurants and Bakeries in Paris and France

Discover Gluten Free Food and Stores in Paris and France

Communicate Your Gluten Free Needs in Paris and France

Again, the first two words you need to know are “sans gluten” which mean “without gluten” in the French language. We now are starting to see these two words in grocery stores, on products, on signs and even on restaurant menus!

The following French and English translation dining cards, food and travel language phrases as well as the Gluten Free France Travel Kit all help you to communicate your gluten free dietary concerns while traveling gluten free in France.

Find Translation Cards and Travel Kits:

France Gluten Free
Travel Kit
Gluten Free
Cards & More
France Food Allergy
Travel Kit
Food Allergy
Cards & More

Find More Tips for Safe Gluten Free Travel

We look forward to hearing about your gluten free adventures in Paris and France!

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  1. caren cooper

    We have never been to Paris. Do you recommend a hotel that we should stay in? I eat gluten free and it would be nice to be in a hotel with those options and or one that is near gluten free restaurants and bakeries. thank you

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