Gluten Free Vancouver

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I have been thinking about how I miss the gluten free meals in Vancouver British Columbia since I was just recently contacted to be one of the guest speakers at the upcoming Gluten Free Conference. Having visited Vancouver a number of times, I have always found this city great fun to explore with a lot of gluten free eating options!

My friends and I all agree that Vancouver is a beautiful city in a spectacular setting with a great food/wine/coffee scene! So, if you are in the mood for some delicious dessert, stop by The Sweet Tooth Cakery. This bakery specializes in gluten free cravings! They bake with non-wheat, gluten-free flours and also create dairy-free, egg-free and vegan options.

Also, while in Vancouver, be sure to visit a small local distillery that just opened its doors producing very tasty corn-based gin and vodka which my friends from the UK just loved!  The Long Table Distillery encourages everybody to join their table for a taste of their unique West Coast inspired gins, vodkas and other fabulous spirits.

Vancouver has lots of delicious ethnic restaurants so arm yourself with knowledge of the various ethnic cuisines. For bakeries and restaurants with gluten free menus, I would also recommend that you download a free map of celiac-endorsed restaurants in Vancouver and throughout Canada by visiting The Celiac Scene.

Tell us about your gluten free adventures in Vancouver and enjoy the beauty!

For more ideas about safe eating in Canada, check out our listing of Canadian restaurants, gluten free bakeries, nut free bakeries and associations.

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2 Responses to Gluten Free Vancouver

  1. gftravelsite

    We had a great gluten free meal at The Wallflower Modern Diner in Vancouver when we were there exactly a year ago. The place was packed, largely due to the gluten free following they’ve developed (virtually everything on the menu can be prepared gluten free). Panne Rizo gluten free Bakery & Cafe in Vancouver also has a great reputation within the gluten free & celiac communities.

    • kakmayer

      Thanks for the recommendations, will try both of these when I visit Vancouver next. I added both the locations to our website under the restaurant and bakery directories. We love hearing about new places and hope our list of gluten friendly places help you when you travel!

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