Gluten Free and Vegetarian at Taste of Chicago Food Festival

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When I think of summer, the first few things that come to mind is sun, fun and food! Being from Chicago, there are festivals all summer long that celebrate all three of these things. However, living gluten and dairy free makes it a little more challenging to eat at any of the outdoor food festivities. Well, not at the Taste of Chicago!

Reflecting changing dietary preferences and a trend toward healthier eating, the Humana Healthier Choices listing includes gluten free, wheat free and vegetarian foods that are available at the Taste of Chicago.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.17.31 PMTwenty-four restaurants offer many appetizers, entrees and desserts – 34 of which are vegetarian and meet Humana Healthier Choice’s healthier calorie, sodium and saturated fat criteria. Six gluten-free options are also available for those of us that are gluten-free at the Taste of Chicago.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.23.39 PMThe healthier items, which were approved by a panel of physicians, can be easily identified by a green apple on the menu boards at the participating restaurant booths. The gluten-free items include:

  • IMG_20150708_060421497_HDRSlow Roasted Cuban Pork Tamale
  • Taste Portion of Slow Roasted Cuban Pork Tamale
  • Spicy Black Bean & Corn Tamale (V)
  • Taste Portion of Spicy Black Bean & Corn Tamale (V)
  • Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Tamale
  • Roasted Pepper Goat Cheese Tamale (V)


Thank you Humana for supporting the community with healthier choices especially gluten free, wheat free and vegetarian foods. I think it’s great to finally be able to eat gluten free food at the Taste with my friends!


If you live or are visiting Chicago for the Taste of Chicago, enjoy the gluten free and vegetarian options!

Also check out fast food chains, restaurants, gluten free bakeries, nut free bakeries and stores in Chicago and across the US!

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