Gluten Free French Baguettes in Paris and France: Sans Gluten

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gluten free baguettes in Paris FranceWhen I was diagnosed with celiac / coeliac and food allergies including dairy and casein, my first thought was truly, “What about French baguettes and croissants in Paris? How can I possibly live without some of my favorite foods?”

This was in part due to being spoiled by living in France for over a year, loving French food and traveling to Paris on an annual basis. Well, I eventually figured it out and even wrote a post about my favorite gluten free croissants in France and throughout Europe! After 15 years since my diagnosis, I still love a good baguette and croissant – gluten free and dairy free of course!

I also continue to explore new food products and safe restaurant meals that are free from gluten, dairy and the rest of my food allergy concerns.

On one of my trips to Paris, I discovered a few new baguettes that I’d like to share with you as well as a few that can be found in the US and throughout Europe too! Bon Apetit!

Gluten Free BioSphere Cafe in ParisI had my first fresh gluten free and dairy free baguette which I purchased from the Bio Sphere Cafe in Paris! How exciting to once again walk down the street carrying a baguette that I could eat! I was in heaven! Check out their brunch next time you are visiting Paris as well as their other delicious gluten free meals, too!

Now there are even more places to find gluten free baguettes throughout France including a number of bakeries and boulangeries (bread stores) such as Chambelland in Paris!

Just a note: if you would like to purchase gluten free and allergy free products in a store in France, look for les magasins d’alimentation bio which translates to organic health food stores and find the section marked sans gluten which means “without gluten”.

gluten free products in Paris from Valpiform

I also found a few more tasty baguettes that were packaged at the magasin bio manufactured by Glutabye and Revola which did not require toasting or an oven.

Another baguette is from Valpiform which requires heating in an oven for about 10 minutes. A few years ago, I was even involved as a food broker distributing Valpiform products from France into the US which included baguettes, madeleines, breads, croissants and cakes at the time. Unfortunately, these are no longer available in the US.

Baguettegluten free food by Les recettes de Celiane in Paris FranceIn addition, I tasted the baguette from Proceli which is also delicious! In my search, I also found various packaged breads including one from Les Recettes de Celiane that I really enjoyed as well as their other absolutely incredible cakes, muffins and cookies in Paris and throughout France! The gluten free and dairy free products from both Proceli and Les Recettes de Celiane are available across Europe as well!

Due to finding these new products, I even ate an incredible meal on my flight back to the US including the baguette from Glutabye with ham, carrots, a green bean salad with vinaigrette, a mini chocolate muffin from Les Recette de Celiane and a glass of wine of course!

For those of you craving baguettes but living and /or traveling in the US, you can find delicious baguettes from Local Oven and frozen baguettes from Udi’s available across the US.

Also check out restaurants, cafes, bakeries and stores in Paris and across France!

And, as always, when traveling to a foreign speaking country, be sure to have your gluten free and/or allergy free translation cards with you to make sure you are safe when shopping or eating out in restaurants around the world.

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Tell us about your favorite gluten free and allergy free baguettes in France and else where too!

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