Gluten Free Pastries and Crepes in Paris: Sans Gluten

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gluten free pastries at Helmut Newcake Paris FranceStrolling down the streets of Paris is always an incredible experience, the music, the restaurants and the smell of French patisseries on every corner. That’s right, I said patisseries!

One of the most treasured parts of Paris are the fresh bakeries. After endless years of being tortured by the forbidden aromas, Paris has opened it’s doors to a whole new gluten free world – all sans gluten! It is harder to find gluten free and dairy free baked goods (sans gluten et sans laitage) but it is possible too!

Gluten free patisseries at Helmut Newcake Paris France

Helmut Newcake is Paris’s first 100% gluten-free pastry shop, located on Rue Bichat by the Canal Saint Martin. The head baker, Marie, is herself gluten free! In addition to gluten free tarts, eclairs and cheesecake, this cozy and relaxed tea parlor has more than just pastries.

You can go for lunch, brunch with gluten free goodies, afternoon tea, or just to grab some food to go. You can also check out a wide selection of gluten free products including gluten and dairy free muffins, cakes and more.  If you are going for brunch on Sunday, it is highly recommended that you make reservations!

gluten free crepes at Bio Sphere Cafe Paris Francegluten free pizza at Bio Sphere Cafe Paris FranceAnother place to check out is located in the 8th arrondissement which is the first organic and gluten free creperie and caterer in Paris. This gluten free gem is the Bio Sphère Cafe with a menu overflowing with gluten free baguettes, quiche, crepes, galettes, pizza and other dish options and open on Sundays for brunch. Just a note, whenever you see bio in the French language, it translates to organic in English!

Yet another gluten free treat in Paris are the tasty macaroons or macarons in French. Before trying them, be sure to confirm that they are gluten free by using your translation cards.  Typically, macaroons are made from almond flour and are safe for those living gluten free. For those of you, like me, that are gluten and dairy free, you can find macaroons without gluten and lactose (macarons sans gluten et sans lactose) at the Bio Sphère Cafe. For some of my other favorite things in Paris, read about gluten free croissants and Cafe Marly!

Also check out more bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and stores in Paris and across France!

And, as always, when traveling to a foreign speaking country, be sure to have your gluten free and/or allergy free translation cards with you to make sure you are safe when shopping or eating out in restaurants around the world.

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Rejuvenate your soul in Paris, the City of Light, while eating gluten free!

7 Responses to Gluten Free Pastries and Crepes in Paris: Sans Gluten

  1. Stephanie

    Hi Kim,
    So glad to have found your site! We are thinking of heading to Paris next summer with our two daughters. Our 10 year old has Celiac and I have a gluten sensitivity so we need to find some bakery and dining options. Only trouble is that my daughter is picky and eats the basics, pasta, chicken fingers, french fries, pizza and grilled cheese. She will eat a scrambled egg on occassion. How kid friendly is Paris with gf options? The bakeries look great, worried about her food intake while we are there. Any advice or suggestions would be great. Thank you for sharing all of your information.
    Thank you,

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  4. Johanna

    Hi, just a few words to tell you that when I arrived in Paris,
    I wrote to the website and they were really sweet and very helpful, they gave me addresses and offered to make a GF tour of Paris. Don’t hesitate to write, they’re really nice!!!

  5. Andrea

    Kim, Just found your website. Very helpful. I also am Gluten/dairy free and was wondering if you had any more info. My husband and I are planning on a trip to Paris this upcoming spring, and I could use all the help I can get. So are the macarons at Laduree and Pierre herme not dairy free? Thanks again!

    • Kim Koeller

      Andrea- thanks for your message and Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. So it’s near and dear to my heart. You will have an incredible time!!

      Unfortunately the macaroons are GF but are loaded with butter so no go for us… check out the GF DF patisseries from Helmut Newcake or Biosphere… also you can find amazing madaleines, cakes and little muffins from Les Recettes de Celiane – delicious at La Vie Claire and other stores in Paris!!!

      For traveling there gluten and dairy free, in addition to the recommendations in my blog posts, I always use these resources when I go to France –

      Then what I do is add the French words for dairy which are included on both the dairy free cards as well as in the French phrase guide onto my gluten free dining card. Then I make copies of these to give to people in the restaurants to make sure that my meal is GF DF.

      I personally like to have both the French phrase guide ebook as well as the paper pocket guide with me. That way I can point to the words and not give my phone or other device to restaurant staff. Hope all of these help and let me know if you have any questions- have a fabulous time!!

  6. Susan Lynn

    Tres Bien Merci! for this information. My niece is there now and I am planning my gluten free trip to France. this is most helpful. She is going to try these places.

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