Cantina Laredo Restaurants: Gluten Free & Vegetarian Too!

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I’ve had a craving to eat Mexican cuisine for awhile and just wanted to do something as simple as eating chips and salsa with my friends. In most Mexican restaurants, those of us that are gluten free, typically, are not able to eat the corn chips due to cross contact in the fryer with items containing wheat such chimichangas!

I actually discovered this when the owner / chef of a Mexican restaurant chain was reviewing our book, Let’s Eat Out!  Now, of course, eating jicama as a substitute for chips with salsa is definitely healthier but sometimes you just need to eat the chips!

Anyway, imagine my surprise, when I found Cantina Laredo. I discovered that they fry their corn chips in a dedicated fryer so there is no possibility of cross-contact with wheat containing items.  In addition, you are provided one menu that uses symbols to signify signature dishes as well as dishes that are gluten free and vegetarian! So, the chips, salsa and guacamole were great!

After informing my waiter that I’m allergic to gluten, dairy and fish, I asked if their gluten free chicken fajitas were prepared with any type of dairy such as butter in the marinade based on Mexican restaurant advice. After checking with the chef, we found out that indeed the fajita chicken is prepared a little bit of butter. So for those of you that are dairy free, the chicken in the fajitas, tacos and salad are off-limits to you.

After reviewing other possible meal choices, I doubled checked about the ingredients in the Tacos De Barbacoa (beef brisket) and ordered this without queso (cheese).  One friend ordered the Enchiladas De Avocado (vegetarian enchilada with artichoke and avocado) while our other friend ordered the Enchiladas De Mole. Everything was excellent and we are all planning to go back again!

Cantina Laredo has locations in over 15 states in the US as well as in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in London in the United Kingdom. It should be noted the menu for UAE identifies gluten free and vegetarian dishes while the UK currently does not identify gluten free items on the menu and has a separate vegetarian menu.

Share with us your experiences at Cantina Laredo or any other delicious Mexican restaurant!

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