Gluten Free Tiramisu and Desserts at Eataly Restaurant in Chicago

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gluten free desserts at Eataly ChicagoLa Pasticceria in Eataly Chicago offers an amazingly wide selection of numerous gluten free Italian desserts, gluten and dairy free options and a few sugar free desserts that contain gluten.

The last time I saw this many gorgeous gluten free pastries was at Helmut Newcake in Paris so you are in for a treat!

While savoring my tasty gluten and dairy free wild berry sorbet, I asked my team to take on the very TOUGH challenge of trying each and every gluten free dessert so we could tell you which ones we think are worth the indulgence!

Of all the desserts that our team taste tested, our top 5 gluten free winners (or in Italian senza glutine) from Eataly Chicago are… drum roll please:

gluten free tiramisu at Eataly ChicagoTiramisù Classico: Classic Italian Tiramisù – mascarpone layered with rice sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup and dusted with cocoa powder. If you love tiramisù, you will love the creaminess and taste of this one! The texture was so smooth and it tasted amazing. There was a little too much cocoa powder on top for some of our team testers but the tiramisù was perfect.

gluten free salty peanut tiramisu at Eataly ChicagoSalted Peanut Tiramisù: Tiramisù with an American twist – in addition to mascarpone and rice sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, this version features salted caramel and peanuts. The perfect marriage of Italian and American palates! The peanuts and caramel were a perfect mixture, it tasted heavenly!

gluten free panna cotta at Eataly ChicagoPanna Cotta Alla Vaniglia: Salted caramel topped with vanilla panna cotta and streusel pieces (the streusel is made with rice flour). The struesel pieces were so delicious. The liquid at the bottom of the cup added a  bitter taste but the vanilla panna cotta and steusel mixture were unbelievable.

gluten free mousse from Eataly Chicago

Mousse Allo Yogurt: Rice sponge cake layered with yogurt mousse, maraschino cherry syrup, and raspberry gelee, topped with a raspberry. So savory!! This was different from the other gluten free desserts offered because it was sweet and refreshing. It had a great blend of flavors and the perfect size for a snack.

gluten free cake from Eataly ChicagoMini Trio: Chocolate rice sponge cake layered with dark, milk and white Bavarian cream and topped with a cremino gianduja chocolate. If you love chocolate, this is right up your alley! The mixture of the flavors was very rich but oh so good!

I’d also like to thank the creators of these gluten free goodies and provide a bit of information about their backgrounds. Luca Montersino is Eataly’s Pastry Chef and the only pastry chef in Italy to have created a scientific, healthy alternative to pastries. He has dedicated years of research to the development of healthy pastries designed specifically for people with celiac disease, food allergies and intolerances. He also founded and created the pastry line, “Golosi di Salute” or “Gluttons for Health,” now available at Eataly.

Katia Delogu is the Head Pastry Chef at Eataly USA. After graduating from l’Istituto Alberghiero di Torino, she worked at Pasticceria Colosseo di Torino for six years perfecting her craft. Then for nine years, Katia worked for Neuv Caval d’ Brons di Torino as a head chef of the confectionary department.  She is now spends her time at Golosi di Salute working alongside Luca Montersino, creating these incredible pastries for Eataly Chicago and the other Eataly locations around the world.

Now experience real Italian tiramisù, panna cotta and mousse gluten free style thanks to Chef Luca, Chef Katia and the Eataly team in downtown Chicago! By the way, our team taste testers all agreed that they would never have known that any of these were gluten free!

For those of you world travelers, explore the other Eataly locations across the globe including those in Italy, Japan, Dubai, Turkey and New York City, to name a few!

After you indulge in these gluten free desserts, let me know your thoughts!

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