Dairy, Soy and Gluten Free Cheesecake from Daiya

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thumb_IMG_2130_1024My team and I were honored to attend the launch party by Daiya Foods for their product line of gluten free, dairy free and soy free cheesecakes! I was of course thrilled since these were the best tasting cheesecakes that I’ve eaten since being diagnosed with celiac disease and an allergy to dairy and casein over 15 years ago!

I loved them! Rich and creamy, the Daiya Cheezecakes come in four flavors and are made with an artisan gluten-free crust. Since the taste testing, I have served this as dessert to my friends and family. The great thing is that they couldn’t taste that it was gluten and dairy free until they saw me joining them – then we were all part of the clean plate club!

As mentioned, the rich and creamy Daiya Cheezecake comes in a variety of 4 delicious flavors:

  1. CheescakesNew York Cheezecake: The New York style cheezecake is a classic. Velvety, very satisfying and infused with real vanilla. Enjoy the smooth, silky texture of this traditional cheezecake or top with fresh fruit, syrup, sprinkles or whatever tickles your fancy. I personally love it with garnished with fresh strawberries or your favorite berries.
  2. Chocolate Cheezecake: Daiya’s chocolate style cheezecake is indulgent, decadent and smooth. The chocolate style cheezecake uses a signature blend of cocoa and carob powders. If you are a chocolate lover, you will be in heaven!
  3. Strawberry Cheezecake: The scrumptious strawberry style cheezecake is bursting with the sweet, natural flavor of real strawberries. With its sweet, fruity flavor and eye-catching pink hue, the taste lingers on your tongue but NOT on your plate! I’ve also added fresh strawberries to this and that is very tasty too!
  4. Key Lime Cheezecake: The key lime style cheezecake is a sweet delight where tart and tangy meets smooth and creamy. It is a uniquely delicious flavor that made me think of being in the tropics listening to Jimmy Buffet!

Note: These great desserts are available at Whole Food Markets as well as throughout the US and Canada!

I’m also hoping that restaurants and hotels start to offer these delicious desserts on their menus as well. What a great choice that would be from sorbet and fresh berries with no cookie or cream!

Also, check out our gluten free and dairy free dining cards to eat safe foods throughout the world.

I hope you enjoy these dairy free and gluten free cheesecakes as much as I do!

Also check out fast food chains, restaurants, gluten free bakeries, nut free bakeries and stores across the US and Canada!

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  1. Amit

    When I buy any bread or cereal bars or ready to eat grain it says it contains added vitamins b1,2 ,12,d. Is this safe and is it artificial vitamins?

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