Gluten & Allergy Free Starter Kit

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“How do I start my gluten free life? I don’t even know where to begin!” After being asked this question more times than I can remember over the years, I am finally posting my suggestions to help even more people around the world.

First, I would recommend reading the free ebook or PDF, Jump Start Your Gluten Free Diet, with over 100,000 downloads, which we created in conjunction with the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. This includes helpful tips from diagnosis and testing to shopping and meals.

Another excellent starter book about gluten and wheat free ingredients and products is the Comprehensive Gluten Free Diet by Shelley Case RD.

From a cooking perspective, my favorite authors are Carol Fenster and Donna Washburn & Heather Butt in North America and Sue Shepherd RD in Australia.  Learn more about gluten free grains, ingredients and aliases.

gluten free products

Enjoy some of my favorite gluten free products for on the go foods  and items which require preparation inside the home. Read about the global gluten free labeling laws as well as review gluten free stores around the world for your convenience!

Depending upon where you live, I would highly recommend that you check out the GF AF Expos in the US or other expos around the world which are typically listed on the association websites, to taste test hundreds of products.

In addition, when purchasing vitamins and supplements, ensure appropriate gluten free certification.

From an eating out perspective, download the free app, Find Me Gluten Free, which lists location-specific restaurants around the US offering gluten free menu options and the ability to rate the dining experience. To know what fast food is gluten free,  download the Apple iCanEat Fast Food app for safe gluten and wheat free meal options.

To safely eat in ethnic restaurants around the corner from your home or anywhere around the world, learn from the Let’s Eat Out! series of mobile apps including iEatOut, ebooks and paperback books proven by 8 years of extensive global research.

If you don’t have a smartphone, check out the restaurants, hotels, bakeries, fast food and even gluten free beer around the world.

Top gluten free associations, celiac research centers and my favorite publications around the world offer lots of additional information about living gluten free.

Also remember your gluten free airline meal codes when flying and your chef dining translation cards when traveling in foreign speaking countries.

I hope this starter kit helps you to confidently begin living gluten free!

Also check out fast food chains, restaurants, gluten free bakeries, nut free bakeries and stores across the US!

Find Translation Cards and Travel Kits:

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