Hold a Million at Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago

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$1 Million at Federal Reserve

Visit the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and hold a million dollars! Believe it or not, my first job out of college was a Federal Reserve Bank Examiner. When I would go into banks to audit their books, they were half expecting to see a bank examiner looking like the person in the Jimmy Stewart movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” which is one of my favorites.

Much to their surprise, I didn’t fit that image. Anyway, I discovered that the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago features the Money Museum with various exhibits educating children and adults alike about money.

My nephew and I decided to check it out before he went back to school. Believe it or not – there is NO entrance fee and very worthwhile. Learn about historical currency, counterfeits, how the Fed shreds money and inflation.

You even get to take home a bag of shredded money with you as a free souvenir!

Check out the details on the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago website and get your hands on the million dollar suitcase!

Let us know what you think of Chicago’s Money Museum!

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