Peanut Free Restaurants in Chicago and New York City

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Anaphylaxis is a life threatening allergy which is extremely difficult to deal with. The daughter of one of my team members is anaphylactic to peanuts so we know first hand the lengths that you need to go through to be safe. I’m even anaphylactic to pencillin and found out the hard way.

Although restaurants with gluten free menus have been popping up around the globe, it’s hard to find one that promotes a peanut free environment or one that is even focused on nut allergies.

My co-worker, her daughter and the rest of her family recently found two restaurants they would recommend in New York City and Chicago for nut free dining.

Blue Smoke, located in Battery Park in New York City, designed their menu to be nut free and gluten free. All menu items are indicated with a symbol for each as applicable and the staff is well educated. In her words, “They had a nut free menu including desserts.  This was amazing since my daughter can never have dessert when we eat out. My kids shared a milkshake and chocolate cake and were in heaven.” It should be noted that Blue Smoke is not a dedicated nut free environment.

From a gluten free perspective, Blue Smoke even offers a variety of tasty BBQ ribs which are usually hard to find when eating out. All this and more while listening to live jazz!


If you are looking for a peanut free restaurant in Chicago, stop by the All Aboard Diner. This unique diner is a peanut free environment, located in Downers Grove.

It offers an extensive menu of top quality dishes, including burgers, homemade soups, wraps and salads as well a party menu with lots of Divvies products available.

While providing a peanut free, family fun atmosphere, the best part about the All Aboard Diner is that your meal is delivered to your table via a train!

Enjoy these peanut free dining options and let us know of other nut free restaurants that you would recommend!

Also check out fast food chains, restaurants, gluten free bakeries, nut free bakeries and stores in Chicago, New York and across the US!

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2 Responses to Peanut Free Restaurants in Chicago and New York City

  1. Kyle

    Blue Smoke is not nut-free or peanut free. The first item on their menu is a bowl of warm north carolina peanuts. Don’t believe me, go to their website.

    They may be allergy conscious, but it is a gross misrepresentation to portray them as nut free.

    • Kim Koeller

      Kyle- appreciate your comments about Blue Smoke. The All Aboard Diner in Chicago is a nut free environment. Blue Smoke identifies specific items on their menu as nutfree however, unfortunately it is not a nut free environment as you have indicated so I apologize for any confusion with my description.

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