Back to School Checklist For Gluten and Food Allergy Students

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It’s that time of year again, in certain parts of the world, that students are getting ready to go back to school. I want to share some proven ideas that have helped my clients in the past ensure that gluten and allergy free students will be safe when eating at school and away from home.

I hope that these planning suggestions make your
preparation efforts easier and stress free!

First, make sure your student understands the details of his / her food concerns:

For snack and light meal ideas to eat at school, check out:

There are also many Apple and Android apps available to help students find safe fast food, quick service and restaurant meals anywhere in the world:

Dining (2)

For students without smartphones or tablets, the following advice on GlutenFree Passport will help:

If you think that your students’ school needs food service training to handle gluten free diets or any food allergy, please contact me. We educate school personnel including administrators, nurses and food service professionals working in kindergartens, grammar schools, middle schools, high schools, universities and colleges to ensure safe eating environments for your students. We also offer personal coaching with real world advice and a proven approach to help you and your family’s gluten and allergy free needs!

Also check out fast food chains, restaurants, gluten free bakeries, nut free bakeries and stores across the US!

Find Translation Cards and Travel Kits:

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